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Twine Living

Tiles Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set

  • $22.99

Bring the Tiles Cheese Knife Set by Twine into your kitchen and share that welcoming aesthetic with your family and friends.

Product Specifications
  • BEAUTIFUL CERAMIC TILE HANDLES WITH INTRICATE PATTERN - This set of four cheese knives capture the welcoming white patterned tile aesthetic. At once trendy but classic, this knife set fits in perfectly with a range of styles, from modern farmhouse to mid century modern and contemporary decor.
  • THESE KNIVES LOOK AMAZING ON A CHEESE TRAY OR CUTTING BOARD - The gorgeous handles and striking blade shapes are functional and aesthetically pleasing. From small cutting boards to huge sprawling cheese trays, these tile handled cheese knives will tie it all together with style.
  • CERAMIC TILE HANDLES ARE SATISFYING TO HOLD AND USE - Ceramic handles provide a sturdy and familiar feel that comes across as elevated compared to stainless steel or wooden handles. This cheese knife set’s unique tile patterns provide a satisfying tactile experience so guests won’t be distracted while enjoying quality cheese and snacks.
  • FOUR SHAPES OF STAINLESS STEEL BLADES TO HANDLE ALL SLICING, SPREADING, CUTTING AND PORTIONING - While the ceramic tile pattern is the star of the show, each of the stainless steel blades in this cheese knife set are designed for ease of use with a sleek, clean look. Nothing will get in the way of your cheese enjoyment.
  • UPGRADE YOUR OWN KITCHEN CHEESEWARE AESTHETIC OR GIVE AS GIFT - If you give these as a gift, make sure to order two sets because you will want to keep one when you get it in your hands. Cute trendy packaging combined with the stylish tile design creates a wonderful gifting experience for cheese lovers, Mother’s Day gifts, hostess gifts, housewarming gifts, wedding gifts and more.