REVIVAL Ceramics

Revival Ceramics, The Twelve Ceramic Cylinder With Stand

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Hardwood Stand

Our premium high-fired stoneware planters are meticulously formed and hand finished with a waterproof matte glaze. We pair them with handcrafted, furniture-grade hardwood stands made from sustainably sourced plantation-grown or reclaimed lumber. Together they form a stunning duo that is durable and timeless.

Product Specifications

Ceramic Details:

  • Sized to fit plastic grow pots with extra room for drainage
  • Glazed inside and out
  • Completely waterproof - won't leak on furniture or floors
  • No drainage hole - ideal for your indoor or outdoor applications
  • Accommodates most 5-gallon and 12-inch nursery pots

Stand Details:

  • Teak or mahogany (black stands)
  • Finished with non-toxic, non-VOC oil