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Bull In China

The Rocks Glasses Set

  • $85.00
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These aren't your ordinary rocks glasses! They start their lives as one of our mixing glasses before we chop them down to a 3.5-inch, oversized rocks glass. They’re perfect for fitting one large ice cube and still leaving enough breathing room, offering the perfect dilution rate.

Even with that big cube, your barspoon will fit in this glass, so, should you crave just one Negroni, you can build it directly inside.

Product Specifications
  • Set of 2
  • Dimensions: 3.5”H x 3.6”W
  • Capacity: ~12oz (355ml)
  • Set comes in either our Flagship or Artisan-based version
  • There will be slight variations from glass to glass due to the handmade nature of this item