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Solid Goods 12” Ceramic Cylinder

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Planter Color

12” is such a nice size for a planter, isn’t it? And because you’re on our website reading this product copy you must think so too. While not the largest size we offer, this piece is certainly not small. Because sometimes, bigger is just better. Why? Because when you want more impact with less effort, it’s time to graduate on up to the big leagues. Now you’re just one trip to the nursery away from having a perfectly instagrammable houseplant and isn’t that neat? Another benefit to going big? Larger pots harbor happier plants. With more room to spread out, large pots encourage the development of robust root systems, which is great for your plants and an excellent usage example of the word ‘robust,’ one of our favorite adjectives. Are you more of an Animal Crossings gardener than an IRL gardener? Well you’re in luck, because large containers don’t need to be watered as often, due to a groovy concept green thumbs call soil volume. (Basically just a scientific way to say that big dirt balls don’t dry out as fast as small dirt balls.) You’re welcome in advance for the tips. Just credit us the next time you’re bragging to your friends about your prize Monstera.


  • Nonporous high-fire porcelain ceramic
  • Fully glazed inside and out with an attractive matte finish
  • Conveniently sized to fit nursery pots
  • Standard cylinder design with no drainage hole to oops-proof your rugs, flooring, and furniture from spills and stains
  • Solid construction and enduring handcrafted quality
Product Specifications
  • 13” diameter
  • 12” tall
  • 11.5” interior height
  • 12.25” interior width
  • 17 lbs in weight