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Modern Sprout

Seed Paper Confetti Refill Packs

  • $3.00

Keep the party growing! Seed Confetti Refills are designed to allow you to reuse our Confetti Poppers. Skip the plastic (and the clean up) as each piece of confetti contains a curated blend of flower seeds. Grow red and pink for love; yellow and white to spread cheer; or blue blooms to applaud big accomplishments. Confetti paper can also be used on its own, like traditional confetti.

Product Specifications
  • Includes 100 pcs. of Seed Paper Confetti embedded with Flower Seeds (enough to refill your Popper 4 times!)
  • Bravo – Blue Flower Seed Blend: Baby Blue Eyes, Blue Flax
  • Cheers – Yellow Flower Seed Blend: Alyssum, Black-Eyed Susan
  • Yippee – Red & Pink Flower Seed Blend: Catchfly, Clarkia