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Pinky Up

Red Velvet Loose Leaf Tea Tins

  • $13.99

Cake is great and all, but have you ever had all the flavor and none of the calories? Today's the day! Pour yourself a midday treat with a cup of Pinky Up's red velvet cake tea - it's deliciously satisfying, naturally calorie free, and basically your new favorite life hack.

Product Specifications
  • ENJOY THE VIBRANT COLOR AND FRESH BAKED AROMA OF RED VELVET CAKE IN YOUR MUG - Cake is great, but why not have all the flavor and no calories? Pour yourself a cup of Pinky Up's red velvet cake tea--deliciously satisfying and naturally calorie free.
  • PREMIUM YERBA MATE HERBAL TEA PROVIDES A POWERFUL PICK-ME-UP - Our unique loose leaf blend combines apple, yerba mate, almond, beetroot, cinnamon, roasted almond flavouring, and green tea matcha to create a complex and layered herbal tea experience.
  • TASTE AND FEEL THE BENEFITS OF WHOLE LEAF TEA - Whole leaf tea creates a better steeping experience, as water flows through the ingredients extracting more flavor, aroma, vitamins and minerals. The result is a richer tasting tea with complexity and depth.
  • HOW TO BREW THIS LOOSE LEAF TEA - Choose your favorite loose leaf tea infuser accessory, fill with Pinky Up tea and steep for 3-5 minutes using water at 200-201F. Each giftable tin contains 25 servings. Plus, our resealable metal canisters keep tea fresh.
  • HAVE YOUR TEA AND DRINK IT TOO - Pinky Up is all about making the loose leaf life easy. So whether you're on the go or having a tea party at home, we have the tea accessories to meet your needs.