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Plant Stand Stool, 10"

  • $35.00
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This non-adjustable bamboo plant stand stool boasts a classic yet modern and minimalist design, making it both sturdy and trendy. Elevating 7.5" from the ground with a 10" diameter, it can support most 4"-10" plant pots. Timeless function meets timeless style!

Product Specifications
  • Sits 7.5" off the ground
  • Crafted from Beech Wood and Acacia Wood
  • Designed with a 10" diameter this plant stand can fit a wide range of 4"-10" plant pots.
  • Non-wobbly reinforced structure - Because each leg is thick and screwed on, this plant stand is the most durable model we've made to date.
  • No tools whatsoever, just screw on the legs (screw already attached to the leg)
  • Bamboo construction ensures low carbon footprint