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Peperomia 'ginny'

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  • Botanical Name: Peperomia clusiifolia 'Ginny'
  • Common Names: Ginny peperomia, rainbow peperomia, red edge peperomia
  • Description: Growing a Peperomia Thailand tree indoors is ideal because it grows very slowly and thrives in low light and cramped space. It’s also an excellent air purifier.
Product Specifications
  • Size: Arrives in nursery grow pot. If cared for properly, plant can reach a mature height of 1'.
  • Use: Recommended indoor but ok outdoors under shade.
  • Light: Thrives in bright indirect light. Some direct sun light is ok.
  • Water: Every 1-2 weeks once soil is nearly dry.
  • Toxicity: No problems here! This plant is pet friendly.