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Sometimes a table setting can feel a little rigid. That’s why we’ve developed these supple tabletop accessories out of natural woven jute to help you soften your surroundings. Available in a palette of modern, natural hues.

Product Specifications
  • DIMENSIONS - 15.75" Diam x .25" thick
  • SOFTEN YOUR SURROUNDINGS - Natural woven round table placemats dyed in earthy hues will blend seamlessly with your surroundings
  • PROTECT YOUR TABLETOP - Absorbent jute fibers will prevent moisture and condensation from drinks or hot plates from leaving rings on your surfaces
  • SOOTHING COLORS - Available in a soothing yet sophisticated palette of earthy tones
  • VERSATILE - Use on your kitchen or dining room table to create a tablescape that can be dressed up or down for all occasions, from an elegant dinner to a casual everyday family meal