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Matcha Latte Wood Wick Candle

  • $28.00

Elevate your space with the comforting essence of our Matcha Latte wood wick candle. Upon lighting, the rejuvenating scent of matcha fills the room, reminiscent of peaceful mornings and cherished tea breaks. The gentle warmth of oat intertwines seamlessly, grounding the fragrance with its earthy charm.

As the finishing touch, a sweet creamy undertone weaves throughout, offering a luscious depth that lingers and soothes. It's your favorite matcha latte, captured in candle form, setting the perfect ambiance for relaxation and reflection. Make every moment at home feel like a serene retreat with this soothing blend.

  • Mood: Earthy, Creamy
  • Scent Notes: Green Tea, Oat, Cream
Product Specifications
  • Burn Time:
    • 50-55 hours for 8 oz.
    • 60-65 hours for 13 oz.
  • Coconut Soy Wax that burns clean (minimal soot, no smoke, easy to trim)
  • Wooden Wicks with crackling sound
  • Beautiful Glass Vessels can be repurposed after candle is burned
  • Made with fragrances that are Toxic Free / Parabens Free / Phthalate Free / Cruelty Free / Vegan
  • All candles are handpoured in Dallas, TX.