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Highball Glasses, Set of 4

  • $14.99

A set of dependable, no-nonsense highball glasses will never go out of style. One of the most important pieces of bar drinkware you can own, this set of glasses is ideal for a huge range of cocktails, or just as an everyday use drinking glass. The 11 oz capacity provides plenty of room for robust cocktails. A classic, clean shape showcases the drink within, whether it’s a mojito or dark and stormy. This set of four highball glasses is all about the drink. No frills, no fluff, just essential drinkware you will use again and again. These are the perfect glasses for outfitting a home bar or apartment.

Product Specifications
  • CLASSIC SHAPE AND THICK STABLE BASE - Highball glasses are one of the most iconic cocktail glasses. Highball and tall cocktail glasses work as mojito glasses, bloody mary glasses, tequila sunrise glasses, gin and tonic glasses, long island iced tea glasses, dark n stormy glasses, and more.
  • HIGHBALL GLASSES NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE - Since you can use them for so many cocktails and other beverages, this set of 4 rocks glasses are ideal as everyday use glassware. The highball cocktail glass shape is iconic but clean, making this set both classic and modern at the same time.
  • A HOME BAR ESSENTIAL YOU WILL USE AGAIN AND AGAIN - Highball glasses are the perfect daily use glasses for water or juice, but also are wonderful for cocktails and more. They match any decor and look great on a shelf or home bar cart. If you need a go-to set of glasses, look no further.
  • SET OF 4 MAKES THIS THE PERFECT GIFT FOR OUTFITTING A NEW HOME OR APARTMENT - Everyone needs the basics. Give this set of glasses as a graduation gift, housewarming gift, or wedding gift and help someone build their perfect bar set. Great for someone just putting together a tasting room or man cave.
  • LET THE DRINK SPEAK FOR ITSELF - Subtle yet striking, highball glasses perfectly show off the flavors of whatever beverage is inside of them. From citrus wedges to mint leaves or berries, from alcohol to fruit juice, see it all through clear glass free of angles, designs or shapes.