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Bull In China

Hand-Blown Highball Glasses, Set of 2

  • $105.00

Experience the thrill of fine craftsmanship with our Artisan Hand-Blown Highball Glass. Each glass is locally made for craft cocktails that will take your next gathering to new heights!

Product Specifications
  • Set of 2 highball glasses
  • Finished with a unique warbled texture that results from rapid temperature changes while the glass is semi-molten--like lava flow cooling into solid rock. Each Artisan Highball ebbs, flows, and crizzles in its own distinctive way—so yours is as special as a snowflake.
  • Liquid Capacity: Approximately 13.5oz to 14oz (due to handblown nature of item there is some variety in total volume)
  • Handblown in Pacific Northwest
  • Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe