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Gunmetal Trident Barspoon

  • $20.00
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Designed for the quickest swizzling and stirring, our gunmetal black trident barspoon spins its way from a smoothly concave spoon bowl to a forked tip at the stem’s far end. An aesthetic nod to the nautical, the trident also works for spearing the perfect garnish to cap your drink. Stainless steel construction with polished gunmetal finish. Hand wash only.

Product Specifications
  • DESIGNED FOR SMOOTH STIRRING - Our barspoons are designed for effortless use and smooth results to create your perfectly balanced cocktail. Measures 15.75" long.
  • NAUTICAL THEMED WITH SPIRALED DESIGN - Elegant knots spiral down the long stem of our nautical themed barspoons, creating a concave spoon on one end and trident fork on the other.
  • TRIDENT TIPPED END - The fork tipped end of our barspoons make it easier for you to spear the perfect garnish to cap your cocktails.
  • SHOW OFF YOUR BARTENDING SKILLS - The full twist stem lets you pour liquid along the spoon to create an easy, eye-catching effect. Also, if you lightly pour liquid over the back of the spoon end above a cocktail glass, you can create an layering effect.
  • TRENDY GUNMETAL FINISH - Get a modern stylish barware look inthis reliable bar spoon. This bar spoon has plenty of length to use comfortably even in large mixing glasses at 15.75 inches long, or 40 cm, but is slender enough for easy storage.