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Fragrance Room Spray

  • $48.00

Puebco’s aromatic Fragrance Room Spray promises to create an inviting home ambiance. Available in the same scents as the Fragrance Diffuser, the room spray provides instant freshness. Housed in a clear, trigger spray bottle with a black head it provides long-lasting scent with just two or three sprays.

Product Specifications
  • Available Scents:
    • White Fabric - a light, refreshing, fresh scent
      Item No.108599
    • English Lavender - lavender scent
      Item No.108605
    • Pure Silk - a clean, gorgeous scent
      Item No.108612
  • Bottle Size: 8.5"H x 3.1"W x 2.2"D
  • Material: Fragrance Oil, Water, PET
  • Made In: China