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Modern Sprout

Coco Coir Grow Medium Kit

  • $8.99
  • $8.99
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Designed to complement Modern Sprout planters and growlights, our all-in-one Grow Medium Kit comes with everything you’ll need to start planting.

Pair with our Planter Boxes, Smart Growhouse, or Landscape Growframe (you’ll need 2 for the latter)!

Product Specifications
  • 8.75”H x 8.25”W
  • Includes 1 expanding coco coir grow medium brick and 1 bag of expanded clay pebbles.
  • All Natural: Our all-natural, soilless coco grow medium is made out of coco coir, a natural byproduct of coconuts. Benefits roots for up to 6 months, efficiently absorbs water, doesn’t compact like regular potting soil and doesn’t attract pests!
  • Well Aerated: Aeration from our grow medium blend prevents over saturation and allows oxygen to reach the roots.
  • Assembled in USA of imported and domestic components