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Blue Chalk Stick

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  • Botanical Name: Senecio serpens
  • Common Names: Blue chalk stick
  • Description: Native to South Africa, blue chalk stick is a hardy succulent with a beautiful blue-green foliage. It does best in bright, direct sunlight, so place in front of the brightest window you have. During the growing season, it is highly drought-tolerant once established and only needs to be watered every few weeks. For new plants, though, water once a week. Can grow up to 12" tall and 2' wide.
Product Specifications
  • Size: Arrives in nursery grow pot. If cared for properly, plant can reach a mature height of 12" tall and 2' wide.
  • Use: Indoor and outdoor
  • Light: Thrives in direct sunlight for 6 to 8 hours each day, but can also grow outdoors in partial shade.
  • Water: Once a week for new plants, and every few weeks for mature plants. Highly drought tolerant.
  • Toxicity: This plant is not pet friendly as it can be toxic to animals.