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Autumn Wood Wick Candle

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Imagine transforming your surroundings into an autumn wonderland, complete with plush throws, cute decor, and the inviting glow of a wood wick candle.

Pumpkin, Persimmon, and Clove notes join the autumn party, and let me tell you, they're the life of it. Our Autumn Wood Wick candle crackles softly, setting the mood for ultimate coziness. Picture yourself snuggled up, taking in the delicious scent of Pumpkin and Persimmon—a combo that's basically fall wrapped in a scented candle. And that dash of Clove? It's like your space got a sprinkle of autumn magic, making every moment a delightful surprise.

  • Mood: Warm, Inviting, Cozy
  • Scent Notes: Blood Orange, Kumquat, Pumpkin, Persimmon, Clove, Allspice, Ginger, Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Cinnamon
Product Specifications
  • Burn Time:
    • 50-55 hours for 8 oz.
    • 60-65 hours for 13 oz.
  • Coconut Soy Wax that burns clean (minimal soot, no smoke, easy to trim)
  • Wooden Wicks with crackling sound
  • Beautiful Glass Vessels can be repurposed after candle is burned
  • Made with fragrances that are Toxic Free / Parabens Free / Phthalate Free / Cruelty Free / Vegan
  • All candles are handpoured in Dallas, TX.