hello! we are lily & onyx


From college to career to marriage to motherhood, Yuri + Hikari + CK often joked of one day starting their own business together.

As luck would have it, the perfect opportunity presented itself in the form of a global pandemic. With Yuri’s expertise in interior design, Hikari’s knowledge of social media marketing and storytelling, and CK’s background in e-commerce buying, they decided it was now or never - thus Lily & Onyx was born.

Life is about the little moments that bring you joy.

Inspired by California livin’ and designs with character, we curate locally and internationally crafted goods that will help you tell your own story - within your home and beyond.

We believe the  little things are the  big things.

Functional, intentional, and on trend - without compromising quality.

In addition to curating well-crafted goods we also believe in serving our communities. We strive to support causes greater than ourselves
and aim to partner with brands that do the same.